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DJ Pete

DJ Pete was born in Trinidad and Tobago. An avid music lover, DJ Pete placed himself in the company of others with like interests. To name a few, some of his biggest influences were DJs like Wire, Sweet Needle Scobie, and Madman Maddy. 

DJ Pete started DJ’ing during his high school years at block parties and school parties. Eventually, he became the DJ for parties held in Roots Basement in Brooklyn. In the mid-1980s became one of two DJs who formed the DJ group, Public Image. Public Image played music for numerous people and for all occasions. They played for multiple organizations, including Savage, during the annual Labor Day Parade in Brooklyn and was also a member of the West Indian American Day Carnival Association (WIACDA). They were also the standing DJs at the annual band launchings held at Boys and Girls High School field in Brooklyn. Today, DJ Pete continues to play music and has founded the online radio station, Calabash Radio.


DJ Hawk

My name is Hawk! I was born in Barbados, but I grew up inBrooklyn, NY. I’ve been playing music since I was 16 years old with my friend Peter (AKA Spider). In the mid-90s I formed a group called Powerplay with some of my other friends: Shawn (AKA Caveman), Hypermental and Mr. D! Music.  Our friendship and collaboration have kept me going throughout my entire life, and that is the exact reason why I become DJ Hawk.



Iyalode Ifaseye Sealey

Oloye (Chief) Ifaseye Osunwunmi Sealey is the Chief Priestess and a Teacher at Ile Okanran Onile. She is a Priestess, initiated into the priesthoods of Ifa, Osun and Orisanla under the compound of the late Chief Ifagbade Oduniyi (the Araba of Sagamu) in Sagamu, Ogun State, Nigeria. She is also initiated into the priesthood of Egbe under Yeye Princess Adedoyin Talabi Faniyi of Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria and received the honor of the chieftaincy title, “Iyalode Egbe Atorise”, officiated by Awise Adewale Ifatona Bogunmbe along with the High Chief Priest and other Senior Priests at Ogunda Meji Temple in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. In addition, Iya Ifaseye is a certified Reiki Master, Herbalist, and Spiritual Healer & Advisor.

Although not native to the Yoruba tradition and culture, she has immensely broadened her knowledge of the culture and its spiritual practices. Currently, Iya Ifaseye is under the spiritual guidance and training of Awise Adewale Bogunmbe. She is of a strong belief that accurate communication of knowledge from one to another is critical to strengthen and sustain the foundation of Ifa/Orisa for generations to come. As passionate as she is about increasing her knowledge, so is she about sharing information with all those whose interest has been sparked.

Iya Ifaseye travels regularly to Nigeria to not only expand and enhance her knowledge in Ifa/Orisa but also to continue her work to support disadvantaged children and families in Nigeria. An initiative she is very passionate about.

DJ Blacks

DJ Blacks Started LIB International Sound in the 90’s when he started to DJ. He had a desire to promote his love and passion for reggae music. Though born in Liberia. He gained an appreciation for music in Ghana Where he lived a culturally vibrant life. DJ Blacks. As he’s now known, is based in New Jersey Where he plays only the best selections in all forms of reggae, Afro Beats, House/ Club music, and positive music from all over the world. When you tune in to listen to DJ Blacks LIB expect to be moved by bumping beats, hard-hitting lyrics, and uplifting music. Contact me [email protected]




 DJ Countryman










Rev. Rochelle M. Pearson

Rev. Rochelle M. Pearson is a native of Brooklyn, N.Y., of Caribbean descent (Trinidad and Tobago, WI). She was introduced to the Lord at an early age by her grandmother the late Bertha Robinson Pearson. Rev. Pearson gave her life over to Christ at an early age. She heard the call to preach at the age of 12 and has been sharing the Gospel ever since.

Rev. Pearson preached her first trial sermon at the age of 12, at United AME Zion Church in Fort Mill, S.C., (her home church) under the tutelage of the late Rev. Dr. Clyde Jenkins, Presiding Elder.

Rev. Pearson is an ordained Elder. She has served under the late Bishop Carr, Bishop Monroe, and Bishop Proctor, and is currently with Bishop Seth O. Lartey, in the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church denomination.

Rev. Pearson, has her BA in Religious Studies from Livingstone College, graduating Cum Laude. An ASN, Nursing Degree where she has worked as a Nursing Director in geriatrics and memory care for over 20 years.
Rev. Pearson currently is the Chief Executive Officer of Rural Health Network Healthcare center in Key West, FL., providing Medical, Dental, and Behavior Health Care. Rev. Pearson serves on the Citizen Review Board. Also, with the Interfaith Ministerial Alliance in Key West.

In June 2013, she was appointed as the first female Pastor of Cornish Memorial AME Zion church in Key West, Florida. Cornish Memorial AME Zion is the oldest black church in South Florida. Rev. Pearson is also the first female Presiding Elder of the newly formed Key West District. For the past six years, she has brought the church to a higher level with God’s help. She has shown her commitment to her God, Faith, and Church.

Rev. Pearson has Authored, “ First Lady, The Truth Shall Set You Free”. Where she stated that “at the end of the day, one has to be true to self, be you, love you, and do you in the truth and the spirit of life”.

Rev. Pearson stated that she grows stronger each day as she has seen God’s work in His desire for our lives to be abundant and free from bondage.



Radio Host Gary Tann 

“Keeping Sooth Jazz & Classic Soul Music Alive”

Since the late 70s, Gary has been a great connoisseur of music with this inspiration for both the artist and the music industry.  His collection of rare and hard-to-find classic soul music from back in the day has allowed his vision to come to fruition.  His network has led to activating his website, which is nationally and internationally known as NYC Wham! This website has allowed him to work with numerous jazz artists.  This website is a progressive tool in support of smooth jazz and classic soul artist.  Our motto is “Keeping the driving force of the music heard worldwide for recording artists and consumers.

From 1990-2006 he affiliated with live broadcasts from radio stations where he staged popular musical showcases; “Westchester After Dark” on WVIP/106.3 FM and “Harlem After Midnite,” on WHCR/90.3 FM. These narrow-down airwaves showcasing he is a known legend in the genre of soft rock, adult contemporary, smooth jazz, R&B, gospel, and neo-soul have awarded him a network that listeners can appreciate.  Gary’s insight and vision have launched an inseparable inspiration with many recording artists that are the rising stars of the smooth jazz trend. Some of the highlighted artists that he is affiliated with are as follows: 3rd Force, Yulara, Lattitude, Craig Peyton, Paul Hardcastle, Joel Del Rosario, Ragan Whiteside, Down 2 The Bone, Four80East, Cal Harris Jr., Cassius White, Jonathan Frizten, Oli Silk, Vicent Ingala, Ruby Baker, King Errisson, Bob Baldwin, Phil Perry, Fishbelly Black, Maurice White, Cindy Bradley, Paula Atherton, Bill McGee, Marion Meadows, Matt Marshak, Stix Bones, Ty Causey, Soul Ballet, Fingerprints, Otis Haynes III, and the chartbuster list goes on for NYC Wham!


Getto Travelers 

Ghetto Travelers is a group of DJs who began their journey in 2017. Providing a different sound, this group curates various genres of music for all. They believe musical sound should define itself to stand out among all genres of music. You can contact us at [email protected]




SupaDJ Exile & DJ Mr Love

SupaDJ Exile and Mr Love started in the industry in the late 80s and early 90s while getting different experiences throughout their tours around the country, honing their craft.  SDE has done many famous clubs in NYC, such as Nells, Bar 16, The Tunnel, RBG Lounge, and the iconic Roseland Ballroom.  Stints on FM/College radio in Florida, then returned to NYC to become music director for Friends Taverns Bars in the early 2000s.  Also, as a producer-owned Niteryder Records along with DJ Erex. DJ Mr. Love is a part of LIB International Sound with DJ Blacks who will be his 3rd stint coming back to internet radio with a new partner. He started DJing on the college radio station at Lincoln Univeristy in the early 90s with his frat brothers (Phi Beta Sigma), DJ Smooth & DJ Rod C from the Bronx. Mr. Love has done many different venues in NYC and abroad; being a native Belizian and an avid house music lover, LIB had two shows on internet radio for many years on Splash Radio with DJ Obie One. These guys are universal; they spin everything from Rock to Hip Hop, Salsa to House to EDM. We are definitely going Worldwide. Join us for the flavor as SupaDJ Exile and Mr. Love mix up the pot.

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