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About Calabash Radio

Calabash Radio was founded by Peter Sealey and AnnMarie Sealey in December 2016. We are an internet based radio station in Brooklyn N.Y. It is a music and talk radio station providing diverse genres of music (soca, calypso, reggae, R&B, highlife, gospel, etc.) and thought provoking conversational topics.

What is a Calabash? A Calabash is a plant that is used to make a gourd. It is found in the continent of Africa and all over the Caribbean Islands. We at Calabash Radio take pride in our connection to Africa and understand the unison of the countries through music.

We welcome you to our station. Tune in regularly and listen to wonderful sounds of music. You can view the schedule on our homepage.


Bimas, Listen to RogerHyper Colour Remix
Bimas, Listen to Roger, Aaron LaCrateDesire Evira